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Menstrual Blood Art - Cuntoxt / Deep Fried Embryo - Split (CD)

8 thoughts on “ Menstrual Blood Art - Cuntoxt / Deep Fried Embryo - Split (CD)

  1. Zologami
    The menstrual blood may instead accumulate within the vagina or uterus. This occurrence can be mistaken for amenorrhea but there is a difference between a missed period and blocked menstrual blood. What is cryptomenorrhea? Cryptomenorrhea is the medical term for menstrual blood that is unable to exit the female body. Retained menstruation.
  2. Digore
    Menstrual blood art. Yes, this drum was painted with my Moon Blood. Our moon blood is sacred substance. It starts as life-giving tissue that lines up our wombs monthly, in preparation for new life. I was led to a new level of connection with my blood. Pouring the deep crimson liquid from the moon cup into a bowl allowed me to see my blood.
  3. Yozahn
    Tracklist: 01 - Kody Is Gay 02 - Kody Is a Faggot 03 - Kody Sucks Balls 04 - Kody Fucked a 15 Year Old with a Shitload of Acne but the Fact that She was Underage Still Made Him Stiff 05 - Kody Is a Transgender Prostitute Whenever He Runs Out of Weed Money 06 - Well, Kody Is a Tranny in General 07 - Kody Is a Coal Burner 08 - Kody Is a Tranny and a Coal Burner 09 - Kody Is a Very Convincing.
  4. Bazahn
    1. Jennifer Weigel is an American “multi-disciplinary, mixed media artist” who makes art using her own crimson wave (period blood), urine and toenail clippings. Her previous work consists of pressing her bloody vagina onto watercolour paper, and her most recent piece is a self-portrait painted with her menstrual blood. Ick!
  5. Dugor
    Sep 09,  · Clarke () proposed menstruation as a mechanism to expel unwanted embryos. Margie Profet () argued that menstruation helped to expel sperm-borne pathogens, which made men the dirty party.
  6. Kigajas
    Menstrual crampsjpg × ; KB Menstrual Period in Political History, , 60 x 50 inch, acrylic & metamorphic rock on idesscenbipeasersuririwhosuma.xyzinfo 1, × 2,; KB Prostitutes boiled in menstrual idesscenbipeasersuririwhosuma.xyzinfo 2, × 1,; MB.
  7. Dut
    A period, or menstruation, marks the beginning of the process by which the uterus, or womb, prepares itself for pregnancy. Sarah has a look at the process and what can go wrong including missed or late periods, intermenstrual bleeding, heavy periods, painful periods, pre-menstrual .
  8. Ditilar
    Mar 04,  · A year-0ld Instagram feminist spread menstrual blood on her face in an attempt to break the “stigma” around menstruation. View this post on Instagram I will do this every month until people are no longer shocked by it.

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