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  1. Kazizragore
    The STEN machine gun was most famously used during WW2 and the Korean War by the British and Commonwealth armies. STEN machine guns, parts and accessories were equipped with a simple design that allowed them to be mass produced quickly and with little cost.
  2. Gataur
    Sten definition is - a light simple 9-millimeter British submachine gun. How to use Sten in a sentence.
  3. Zulum
    In Arsenal, the STEN, or Shepherd and Harold Turpin Enfield, is a submachine gun firing 9mm bullets from a round detachable box magazine In-game, the STEN is one of the slower weapons in its category, and as such will be less effective at closer ranges compared to other SMGs, but has a higher damage to help make up for the rate of idesscenbipeasersuririwhosuma.xyzinfo:
  4. Tesida
    The STEN (Shepherd, Turpin, ENfield/ENgland, usually written as Sten) was a British submachine gun (or, under British nomenclature, "machine carbine") designed at RSAF Enfield during World War II. Conceived as a cheap emergency measure to rectify Britain's lack of submachine guns early in the war, the Sten was manufactured in the millions and issued in great numbers to British troops and their Action: Blowback.
  5. Yogore
    Stens is a leader in first to market with aftermarket parts that match or exceed OEM standards. With hundreds and often thousands of new items added to the Stens product offering annually, new and hard-to-find parts are offered by Stens at an affordable price. View New Stens Items.
  6. Vor
    Sten gun, in full Sten Submachine Gun, 9-millimetre submachine gun that became the standard such weapon in the British Commonwealth armed forces during World War II. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of Sten guns were provided to underground movements everywhere in .
  7. Nesar
    Sten definition: to stride energetically | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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